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Use Case Antenna: Remote UserUse Case: Remote User

Low Signal on Macro Level (Vacation Home, Single Houses, Remote Businesses)


You are located stationary remotely and have only very little 3G/LTE signal strength. This leads to low data throughput and patchy voice connection. The next base station is more than one kilometer away. This situation is typical for farms, vacation homes, remote homes or villages also for boats and yachts in the harbor or close to shore.


With our antennas you can significantly improve signal strength and reception quality.

Use Case: Remote Use – Summer

Conugis Recommendations

Antenna XPOL-A002-V2 works with all available 3G/LTE frequencies (650-2700 MHz), 7 dBi gain, cross-polarised. For best performance the antenna has to be directed towards the base station. It is suitable for an installation on a wall or mast pole on a roof.

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Antenna LPDA-A0092 covers all available 3G/LTE frequencies (700-2700 MHz) and has a very high gain for an 3G/LTE  antennas (11dB). For LTE two antennas need to be aligned to the closest basestation to achieve best results. Mountable on a mast pole. The LTE-A0092 provides a high performance allround solution for a stationary situation.

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If it is not possible to establish a permanent, stationary solution, like on a boat, and/or you are using different providers with different base stations, OMNI-A0069 as high gain omnidirectional antenna is your device of choice. With one antenna for 3G, two antennas for LTE/4G you can be sure to get the max out of whatever signal is available at your current location.

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