Use Case Antenna: Facility ManagmentUse Case: Remote Facility Management

Managing Office Buildings Remotely for Energy, Windows, Security, Window Screens etc.


More and more institutions are committed to sustainability, conservation of natural resources and conscious reduction of contributions to global heating and climate change. Intelligent facilities management is one important aspect in achieving this objective. Key areas are management of air-conditioning, heating, lighting, ventilation up to safety and security issue. Typically controlling equipment is installed in basements, monitoring and management is handled remotely. If there is no fixed line connection, the system needs redundancy or a backup using the 3G/LTE/GSM networks to communicate is an obvious solution. But, what if there is no reliable signal available at the inside location where your system is installed?


High performance antennas provide an excellent solution to solve this problem. Installing an external antenna and connecting it via cable to your system can help to establish a stable connection. Having the signal available the main focus can lie on the system side for intelligent remote facility and resource management.

Use Case: Remote Facility Managmenet

Conugis Recommendations


Antenna XPOL-A0001 comprises two omnidirectional antennas and therefore can be most flexibly mounted to connect to all available provider networks. Gain is less than with some of  other antennas but typically sufficient in areas where there is a good signal as soon as you are outside of the building.

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The OMNI-A0121 is one of our current bestsellers for 3G and LTE installations. The antennas already comes equipped with 8m cable which allows for flexible installation. The OMNI-A0121 covers all current 3G/LTE frequencies (700-2700 MHz), 4-5dBi gain. For full LTE functionality two antennas are required.

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Antenna OMNI-A0069 is a powerful, high-gain omnidirectional antenna which covers all current 3G/LTE frequencies (700-2700 Mhz). Ideal for professional installations which require maximum flexibility in terms of cable length and type. N-type connector allows for any type of cable including super low cables. For LTE coverage two antennas are required.

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