Use case antenna: M2M Windmill

Use Case: Machine-to-machine

Low Signal on Micro and Macro Level (Solar Field, Wind Park, Forestry, Mining)


The best sites for distributed renewable energy solutions like wind parks or solar system are typically far out and away from public infrastructure and populated areas. Subsequently fixed lines are rarely available and 3G/LTE/GSM networks are less developed and signal strengths typically weak. But, for best performance, the production of wind and/or solar systems needs to be tracked, battery voltage to be verified, on-site energy consumption to be made transparent etc. to ideally monitor and manage the systems from anywhere in the world.


High performance antennas for machine-to-machine communication can significantly signal strength, the equipment is firmly connected and subsequently increase the reliability of your remote monitoring and control platforms.

Use Case: M2M Windmill

Conugis Recommendations

The OMNI-A0121 is our current bestseller for M2M applications. The antennas already comes equipped with 8m cable which allows for flexible installation. The OMNI-A0121 covers all current 3G/LTE frequencies (700-2700 MHz), 2,4-7dBi gain. For full LTE functionality two antennas are required.

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Antenna OMNI-A0069 is a powerful, high-gain omnidirectional antenna which covers all current 3G/LTE frequencies (700-2700 Mhz). Ideal for professional installation which require maximum flexibility in terms of cable length and type. N-type connector allows for any type of cable including super low loss cables. For LTE coverage two antennas are required.

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Antenna XPOL-A0002-V2 works with all available 3G/LTE frequencies (650-2700 MHz), it has a high 7 dBi gain. For best performance the antenna has to be directed towards the nearest base station. It is suitable for an installation on a wall or mast pole on a roof.

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